The USS Voyager was an Intrepid-class Federation starship Captained by Mari Tann. It was destroyed in combat with the Romulan Warbird IWR Colna'Challa.

History Edit

Destruction Edit

When it became apparent that the ship was doomed, she ordered a general evacuation of the ship. Tann escaped in the shuttlecraft whilst the crew used the transporters and escape pods to escape. Picard rigged the replicator to place himself in transporter stasis until rescue arrived. The survivors that made used the transporter before the ship exploded survived; however the survivors in the shuttlecraft and the escape pods were unable to reach a safe distance before the warp core went critical and the ones that weren't vaporized or violently decompressed were thrown far off course in different directions, and likely either died of oxygen starvation or frozen to death, were crushed by debris floating in space, or on the remote possibility that they reached a planet, burnt up in reentry.