Welcome to the Starbuggers WikiaEdit

Starbuggers is a Gmod-based science fiction comedy series created by ElectricFire 169 & TheLoneClone and is based on the YouTube series VenturianTale. It is a VenturianTale Wiki Original production.

What's the story?Edit

Stardate 2330: The galaxy is under siege. The Daleks are invading. The Galactic Empire is advancing. And an the background, unseen hands manipulate events from the shadows.

And in the midst of this bleak arena enters one man - one idiot - who may yet save us all. Captain Maloney, Mari Tann and the crew of the USS Who's Your Mama 2 are hired by mysterious time traveller Cywren Caster to retrieve the Starbug - a biomechanics insectoid spaceship with the most powerful weapon ever created...

Latest activityEdit

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