Captain Spaghetti was a starship commander Jean-Luc Picard knew who was seemingly killed in a Klingon attack. He was recovered by the Galactic Empire's Star Destroyer Behemoth commanders Darth Vader and Dent, who repaired him and subjected him to brainwashing techniques, essentially converting him into an Imperial agent. It was through him that the Empire discovered the Milky Way galaxy.

Biography Edit

Spaghetti was captain of the USS Italian, which was destroyed in a Klingon attack. Only himself and three members of the crew survived and crashed into a planetood which was suffering from a Zombie outbreak.

Spaghetti was originally thought to have been killed; in fact the Imperial Star Destroyer Behemoth picked him up and rescued him. Darth Vader then interrogated him on the location of Earth, and Spaghetti was unable to resist the power of the Force. Spaghetti was then rebuilt with new cybernetic body parts and brainwashed to become an Imperial agent To coordinate the Empire's advance on the Milky Way galaxy.

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