Avani is the engineering specialist onboard the USS Who's Your Mama, its successor, and Starbug, serving with Captain Maloney on all three vessels.

Biography Edit

Service on the USS Who's Your Mama Edit

Avani was a member of Captain Maloney's crew on the USS Who's Your Mama as an engineer. She was known to get along well with fellow crewmen Jor Talan and Rimmer.

A mysterious bomber Edit

While the crew went about on their daily routine, a mysterious bomber murdered crewman Gordon Ericson and left a note warning Captain Maloney that he had a vendetta with him and was going to kill him. Just after Maloney received the note, his quarters were blown up, and Corporal Rimmer was wounded in the explosion. In anger, Maloney, Talan, and Avani began to plot how they would capture the mysterious killer.

Maloney decided to go into the mess hall just as the bomber requested. He ordered Avani to stand guard in the hangar bay in case the killer got past Talan and his pair of guards. However, Maloney was able to arrest the bomber - who turned out to be the legendary explorer known as the Cook - without the intruder arriving at the hangar.

After the Cook was put into custody, Avani questioned Maloney as to the Cook's motives. Maloney said that he had lost some of his sanity and was beginning to go off the deep end. Avani understood his statements and deduced that the whole incident would take a toll on the entire crew of the USS Who's Your Mama.

Relationships Edit

Captain Maloney Edit

Captain Maloney often came to Avani for advice, suggesting that he trusted her insights. Maloney and Avani obviously have a shared history together.

Trivia Edit

  • Avani is named after a character created by QueenOfTheBeasties, a longtime friend of ElectricFire 169.
  • Avani was originally to be voiced by Xepisia, whom the part was written for, however the actress had to drop out for personal reasons. As of now, Avani's role is being considered to be taken back up as a series regular.
    • Additionally, Avani's role as the friend of Captain Maloney's who was killed by Boba Fett has been replaced by Jor Talan. Both Avani and Talan made their first appearances in the short story Death Threat.

Appearances Edit

  • Silence (First appearance; albeit in flashback sequence)